Geofencing is location based marketing.

Geofencing to market your business is nothing new. Have you ever received a severe weather notice on your cell phone?  GeofencingHow about an amber alert?  Did you wonder how this happened? How they knew? It’s called geofencing, and this phenomenon is now being utilized in the marketing world.

If you are a small business owner, this marketing approach is an affordable way to engage with your customers. And the benefits of engagement will increase your bottom line.

Benefits of using Geofencing in your business

Benefits of using location based marketing in your business are increasing sales. Additionally, increasing loyalty program usage and building relationships with your customers by bringing in your CRM data.  When customers are near, geofencing triggers a response.  If a customer has not been in for awhile is nearby, this program will trigger a “We miss you” response then welcome them to stop by.

This technology can be used for a win-back campaign, remind them of their loyalty program balance, introduce new products they may be interested in based on previous purchases or alerting of upcoming sales and more, you are limited by your imagination.

Forbes magazine describes as, “The analytics provided by geofencing are invaluable for understanding and directing your customers. Knowing their shopping habits, and their habits throughout life otherwise, gives you the opportunity to reach out to them in meaningful ways. At the same time, it helps you build brand awareness and retain customer loyalty.”

Businesses benefit from getting to know their customers. The more you know about them, their habits and their likes or dislikes, the more they feel connected to you. Loyalty is built for those customers that feel that emotional connection. With a little creativity, geofencing can help you meet your customer’s needs before they even realize what those needs or wants are.