Social Media Marketing for small businesses is the key to success.

Social media marketing for small businesses is more important than ever The days of print ads are coming to an end and everyone fast forwards through TV commercials. Approximately 81% of US residents have social media profiles.  96% of those research local businesses online before shopping in the store. This research includes reading your reviews, but more and more it includes looking at your social media pages. Today’s customer wants to know who you are before they decide to walk into your store. More importantly, they may not know who you are at all, and that is the true power of social media. Today local business can position themselves directly in front of potential new customers. That is right, there are tools that allow you to post to social media and have that post show up on all of your customers or prospects news feed.

Marketing your business on Small Business Marketingsocial media is nothing like posting to your personal profile.

Social media marketing is a science. Analyzing KPI’s as well as analyzing your competition takes specialized attention. Marketing strategies, content planning and high-quality graphics are time consuming yet essential to a successful social media marketing campaign for any business. It is more essential for the local business who has a limited prospect pool of those in a certain geographic area.

There are no shortcuts.

While there are numerous places you can buy followers, this is a terrible waste of money for the local business. Not only do you not need followers on the other side of the world, you don’t need them clogging up your comments with spammy sales posts. This will only detract from your message.

Organic growth is key! 10 engaged local followers are worth way more than 1000 non-buying followers.

The importance of quality marketing for small business is often unrealized.

While most business owners agree they need to be on social media, many are often uninformed on how to best utilize social media. Many of these business owners fall into the trap of what I call ‘intern marketing’. This is when well-meaning business owners turn their social media marketing over to some hourly employee. This goes back to the same failing premise that social media marketing is not really all the different that using personal social media. It is the ‘throw enough stuff at the wall and hope something sticks’ mentality.

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