With the New Year rapidly approaching, it is time to get your marketing plan into full swing.  If you do not have social media marketing as a HUGE part of that plan you may be missing out. According to Twitter, 2016 holiday campaigns generated $6.67 for every $1 spent in advertising. There were 80 million tweets regarding holidays from July 2016 to January 2017. 

Having a well thought out marketing plan will help you stay ahead of your competition and drive customers to your door.  These steps will help Cowboy Marketing get you the social media attention even Santa would be jealous of.

Write your wish list

Every successful plan has a strategy.  Defining your goals starts the path to success. Start by defining two things. First, what do you want your customers to do when they see your ad? Second, how will your social media marketing plan do that?

Cowboy Marketing specializes in marketing for small businesses.  We look at advertising from the customer prospective. What is enticing to loyal and new customers alike. We work for you to drive the customers to you.

Know your customer

Understanding your customer is important to your marketing. Knowing what they like, what their interests are, what matters to them and what influences their shopping habits can benefit you. Taking the time to engage with customers, getting to know them creates a loyalty. Engagement benefits you as well, getting to know your customers, learning their likes and dislikes. This helps build the best advertising campaign because it has a personal attachment.

Go where your customer are

Do not limit yourself to Facebook. Each business will have potential customers are many social media platforms. Do you know where your prospects are? If so, make sure you are there as well. If not let us off some help. Instagram currently boasts more than 2 million small business advertisers.  Over 200 million daily active users on Instagram view at least one business profile each day. LinkedIn is the place for B2B. Twitter is where the conversations happen in the blink of an eye, but last forever-

The gift of relevance

Cowboy Marketing will make sure your advertising reaches the audience you are targeting. Geo-targeting your customer base will get you the most relevant audience to build your sales. It is pointless to advertise to someone 500 miles away if you are a local retailer. We will target audiences in your specific area and help you get the most from your advertising dollars.

Start new traditions

Branch out from just advertising for sales.  We can build and manage a website your customers will use all year long. Having a website can start a new marketing approach.  All your social media marketing can reference back to your website. Another way to drive customers to your door is through your blog. Creating a unique atmosphere that has relevant content and engages with your customers on a different platform.

Creating the most bang for your advertising buck can begin with your holiday marketing campaign. Or maybe this could be the beginning of a New Year strategy to increase your business. With Cowboy Marketing you are limited only by your imagination.  We can help you develop a marketing strategy that can be as traditional or outside the box as you want. Let us help you today!